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  Chrysalis Meeting Centres:  
Chrysalis is a Charity with Meeting Centres for transitioning transgender (transsexual) adults. We provide counselling, support and lifeskills workshops for Male-to-female (MtF), Female-to-male (FtM) and Intersex beneficiaries.
Each Meeting Centre has a trained Counsellor, Support Workers &, where possible, an assigned LAGLO Officer.


The meetings are held in South Hampshire and East Dorset

Chrysalis Training:
We provide Gender Awareness training for public and private organisations, including Local Authorities, healthcare professionals, HR managers, Counsellors and corporate bodies. The seminars can be tailor-made to suit the organisation

Our principal aim is to champion the rights of those who are transgendered and provide key support through our Meeting Centres


This is a separate group for those who are ready to move on from Chrysalis Meeting Centres and those who have transitioned without support. The Step 2 Group offers the opportunity to access support through a peer network. Counselling is also available on request.

The Significant Others Support Group is for those who are supporting a Male to Female, Female to Male or Intersex person through transition.
This group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

  Chrysalis saves lives by providing key support  

About Chrysalis and its Meeting Centres:
Q. What is Chrysalis?
A. Chrysalis facilitates Meeting Centres in the South Hampshire and East Dorset, for people who are seeking to establish their Gender Identity and those who are Transitioning from one gender to the other.
Q. Who is it for?
A. Transitioning transgendered adults, both M to F and F to M.
Q. Is Counselling included?
A. Yes - all our beneficiaries receive at least eight counselling sessions.
Q. What else do the Meeting Centres aim to provide?
A. A place to discuss all aspects of Gender Identity Issues in confidence and lifeskills workshops.
We are open on the 1st & 3rd Friday of each month, in South Hampshire and East Dorset.
At all meetings, we have either a Speaker, or a Workshop, to inform & educate on all related matters; from your Legal Rights to Personal Presentation.
Each Meeting Centre has a trained Counsellor, Support Workers &, where possible, an assigned LAGLO Officer.

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